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Colour & Print inspiration: An interview with Rio Van de Oest

Colour & Print inspiration: An interview with Rio Van de Oest

How do you combine patterns, colors and textures in a way that is well balanced? How do you create beautiful and colorful kid's space? Many people don't have the courage to face the challenge, and prefer to use neutral, muted colors and hardly any patterns or textures.

BUT Rio has a natural talent and ability to mix and combine colors, textures and patterns in a beautiful way that makes a space shine and brings a smile upon your face :)
That's why we are so happy to present this interview with her.
Hope you will enjoy it as much as we did!
Hi Rio, thanks for joining us today! Tell us a bit about yourself :)
I'm a mother of 2 boys, a 7 years old and the youngest just turned 1. I love to change the house a lot, but always keep in mind it is a house for me and the boys so every room is playful. I like to surround us by color, plants and pretty things (mostly pretty toys to be precise). I enjoy smart design, but it has to be good on the eye too, as things get messy pretty fast with children I like to mess to be pretty ;)
Where do you get your color and print inspiration from?
I actually just mix things as I go. I don't have a plan before I start most of the times, but give it room to grow. So every room changes over time, but slowly. I just change one thing at a time. I do make my own posters with Jungle Mumble Design and with that I do think about colors beforehand. It can be as easy as a pile of clothes in which I see how 4 different colors together give me a good feeling, or it can be a visit to a museum in which I see a combination I love. And of course also scrolling through Pinterest or Instagram can be inspirational. But my main thing is just feel what makes you happy. Interior is very personal and you have to feel good at home. Get some color samples and make different combinations to feel what is the best for you.
Can you show us your favorite corner in your house? What is special about it?
There is many corners I love, but for now it is the tiny babyroom where earthy colors create a peaceful atmosphere. And also my bedroom still makes me so happy and that is because of the combination of green and pink. I love that combination of colors so much. The vintage bed makes it extra special since I got that one from my sister and it is so one of a kind. I like to add items to a home you don't see in others to make it more special. Oh and I need to add the cabinet I repainted this summer. I love the colors and the fact that I enjoy a cabinet I have for more then 15 years in a new way.
What effect do colors have on children’s spaces?
I think colors have an effect on every space.
Children and adults can feel warm and at home surrounded by the right colors. Studies have already proven certain colors have an effect on peoples minds, but everybody is different and feels good by their own colors I guess. I use a lot of natural but colorful tones to add joy to our house. Pink makes me happy so I use a lot of pink, but green keeps us grounded and so that is also a colour I use a lot. It is like flowers in a field. If your kid likes the sea a lot I can image it would feel good with a lot of blue hues. When you give children a say in what their space looks like I think there is always a way to incorporate their good spirit colors. With the right colors you create happy places they can be who they want to be.
Do you have any tips for a good way of matching colors and textures?
  • Get some color cards or testers from the brand you will paint with so you can see it in the room you will use the color in. Light has a big effect on colors so a colour can look very different in one room than in the other.
  • When you add natural textures like cork, wood, rattan or cork, you can almost never go wrong. It creates peace in a colorful place.
  • don't be scared to use color. If you don't like to paint to wall, you can also use wall stickers like little colored dots in 1,2 or 3 tones you like. That way you can already feel it those colors are the ones you're looking for.

Thank you so much Rio for this inspiring interview and helpful tips!

 🤎 And thank you all for reading - Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Follow Rio for lots more inspiring content on her IG account and on her website.

Take a look at Rio's beautiful creations on Jungle Mumble design.


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