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Interior Inspiration for Kid's Spaces - an interview with Marina Passa

Round rug for kids room

As we begin a new year full of resolutions and good intentions, I thought it would be the perfect time to share a few blog posts based on interviews with lovely women that I got to know here who inspire me.

In this interview you will meet Marina Passa from Greece, a mother of two with a great eye and talent for kids interior design. If you are looking for inspiration for designing your children’s bedrooms and play spaces, put your feet up, grab a cup of tea and enjoy!

Hi Marina, tell us a bit about yourself :)

Hi! I’m Marina and I am a stay at home mom of two wonderful boys. I always had a crush on interior design and over the last couple of years I’m sharing this love on Instagram. For now I have focused solely the interiors of children's rooms.

I admire lots of different interior styles but at the moment I like mostly Scandinavian designs with a touch of vintage elements. 

 Natural materials elements for kids

Where do you get your inspiration from? 

At first my inspiration for kids interior was straight from Pinterest but now it’s mostly from Instagram. You can find so many gorgeous accounts to be inspired! Every time I want to change or add something I use mood boards, they literally save me!

What are the benefits of a beautifully designed kid’s room?

When I designed our kids rooms my thought was to create whimsical bedrooms and add as much magic as possible… We all need a place where we can get away. I want my kids to have their own magic place to play and relax and wish for them to create beautiful memories in them.

 Of course a kids room must grow with the child, their age and their needs so it keeps changing. For my older son’s bedroom I always asking for his opinion and his help so he can express himself.

 What are you 2 or 3 essential items for children's room? 

I’m always interested in the quality of the materials that I choose in toys and decorations and I am trying to make as many sustainable choices as I can, like your cork rug I’m so impressed with its material!

I believe every kid's room needs a reading nook and a play area. As for colours, I definitely prefer calm and moody colours, not necessarily neutrals, I do love colour but I’m not a big fan of the bright ones for sure.

 Can you give us a few tips for a good way of styling a well balanced children's room?

Kids rooms would look chaotic without storage! I always need more and more storage to hide all those toys… if these storage boxes can be used as decoration as well that’s even better!

As I said, if you can, add a reading nook with cozy seating like a beanbag so your kids can relax and read their favourite fairytales.

Add some fun with prints and toys and don’t be afraid to combine different textures, colours and styles that’s what makes every space unique!

Thank you so much Marina 🤎 This was interview was so interesting and your ideas and tips are wonderful!

Follow Marina for lots more inspiring ideas on her IG account: 

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