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Which rugs are best when your child has dust allergies and asthma?

The best rug for a child with dust allergies

Spring time

As a child I didn't suffer from allergies at all.

I remember that one of my friends used to suffer from a dust allergy

And I didn't understand her.

One year when I was 26, it started:

Happy and joyful spring days became different for me...

This blog is for those kids who are dealing with allergies.


When you’ve got allergies in the house, you need to take extra care when choosing rugs, as specific types can worsen symptoms. With this in mind, we are here to explain which is the best way to deal with allergens in your rug, and to present a new and special alternative.


If your kids have allergies, you might have noticed that their symptoms increase when they’re around rugs, carpets, and curtains made from specific textiles. These furnishings can often catch particles that cause allergy symptoms, whether that’s pollen, dust, or other potentially harmful microorganisms. The harmful particles can be released into the air and begin causing disturbance.

These particles are almost unseen to our eye and can be easily inhaled without knowing about it, leading to asthma and allergy symptoms, including a runny nose, coughing, sneezing, and difficulty in breathing. Allergies are not something that many people think about when choosing a rug. But, if your kids do have allergies, it’s important to understand how different textiles may trap particles and make symptoms worse. It is also great to know that now there is a new option for rugs that are suitable for kids with allergies.

Dust allergies


Dust is one of the biggest causes of household allergies, and soft furnishings can catch a surprising amount of the stuff. Trapped dust can stick to the fibers within a rug and, when they are stepped on, they are released into the air. Shaggier rugs are worse for this, as their thick, layered fabric can trap many more dust particles. If you think dust is the issue, the best solution is to clean your rugs regularly. Vacuuming them a couple of times a week and washing them at home every couple of months should do the trick. This can be a hazard for busy parents that have a lot to do without this new task …. Is there a solution for parents who are looking for an alternative for constantly vacuuming and washing their kids rugs?

A dust free rug

If you’re looking for something new, you want to minimize the problem from the outset. Synthetic fabrics such as nylon and polyester are by far the best choice for allergy sufferers, as these materials may repel allergens. Unfortunately, all of those synthetic materials have toxic influence to the home environment and are not recommended for baby's and kid's rooms. Rooga cork rugs for kids and babies, are made out of natural and sustainable materials that do not absorb dust (due to a special coating) and yet do not contain any toxic materials. They are easy to clean simply by using a damp cloth and there is no need to vacuum clean them.



Please note: While the tips listed above can help to reduce the symptoms of your children’s allergies, they should not act as a substitute for medical care. It is always recommended to contact your doctor.

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