About us

Our name is Baloot* Studio,

We live and design in Jerusalem, Israel.

Techiya Witman has a practical engineering degree in Industrial Design from the Hadassa Academic college in Jerusalem (2001-2005) and Moriya Erman has a BArch from the Department of Architecture at Bezalel in Jerusalem (2000-2005). 

We come from the worlds of architecture and product design, and we celebrate the relationship between them.

Our friendship goes many years back and now as moms, we decided we have to create something together. Something that imbibes from the childhood moments and impressions. And so our studio was born.

In Baloot studio we believe that designing for children can be simple and natural, warm and full of charm. We design beautiful and unique products that are both non toxic and vegan but without compromising on their aesthetic appearance. 

We are drawn to the quality, cleanliness and simplicity in its beautiful and sophisticated aspect. We combine imagination, art and playfulness into our products and bring them to the family atmosphere, all this by using materials that nature offers us.


Techiya and Moriya

Baloot studio

(*Baloot is an Acorn in Hebrew. Yes, this adorable, beautiful natural toy!)