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Nadine E, Germany
For the first time, the kids are realizing their new  "rooga" rug and playing it really well. The black circle is now full of cars parking on the branches, really a 'fantasy tree' I would not have imagined how they will play with it....
Sophie L, Sweden
A new brilliant rug has moved in to C's room. It's made out of cork! Super soft and easy to fold and clean!
Lisanne Van Der Klift, Netherlands
This cork play rug, with Circus print, has an anti-slip layer on the bottom, it's really stuck on the floor. It is very very anti slip! The rug is about three millimeters thick, so the little fingers of J' are not challenged to look under the rug. Due to the size of it, she can really play on it. Very practical.
Elaine S, London
For a long time I was looking for a rug that is not fibrous or massive for the children's activities. A rug that I will not have to clean with a vacuum cleaner and that it will be easy to clean. ROOGA rug stands above expectations. It has a natural look with beautiful illustrations. Despite its delicate appearance, the coating is strong and durable with a smooth finish and it's pleasant to the touch (which promotes the first stages of crawling). It is easy to clean and stands at the load of the household. The carpet is about a month with us, has gone through quite a lot and keeps its new look because of its durability. A few examples: The technician stood on a ladder on it before I noticed. A glass of orange juice spilled on it. We located the rug in the playing room. Dust and everything else goes away easily with a damp cloth or a towel. Perfect!
Debra R, New York
We are very pleased! the "rooga" rug is beautiful, pleasant and it really upgrades our child's room. In addition, the Baloot studio's seller's service was excellent!. It is highly recommended!

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